Standard of excellence

"I am honored to endorse Mrs. Denise Gubler. She is remarkably talented, focused and perceptive. Mrs. Denise has a charming and purposeful style that is balanaced with an uncompromising standard of excellence. She blends that southern charm perfectly with the aforementioned sensitiveity to the needs of her clients. She meets, engages, and masters any challenge set forth (usually created by us), making her an immeasurably valuable asset to any one who decides to work with her. There is truly not enough space to relay how awesome of a candidate you have in Mrs. Denise. She is a woman of character, honor and integrity. Her unselfish and generous attitude has endeared her tremendously. I would highly recommend Mrs. Denise without reservation. We couldn't imagine doing this without her, and wouldn't have wanted it any other way! Thank you Denise!!"

- C. Doyens

Productive and meaningful

"Denise was great all around. She was extremely helpful during each step of the process. I connected with her quickly and felt that I could be very honest with my needs and wants, she in turn was able to understand exactly what I was looking for and ensured that we only spent time looking at homes that met my criteria. She was very knowledgeable about the process and what a buyer should expect. I felt my time spend with her was productive and meaningful. I would highly recommend working with Denise!"

- Heather E.

She really made the process easy

"We had the pleasure of working with Denise for over 1.5 years. Note that that may sound like a long time, however we had very specific items on the wish list that at first glance may have seemed unattainable! Denise was amazing to work with through the entire time and showed enthusiasm, honesty and integrity during each home visit over that 1.5 years. Denise showed true professionalism with incredibly rapid response to phone, texts and setting up of appointments. Even with the numerous houses we viewed over the 1.5 years, she always made it feel like it was the first! When we did finally decide on a house, Denise went the extra mile to help us through the purchase process. Having her help us through the purchase, working with the title company, inspections, remediation followups and everything else to bring us to close was invaluable. She really made the process easy. I would highly recommend Denise to anyone who is looking to purchase a house. You will definitely find the house you want and be taken care of through the process!"

- K. Rastin

Knowledge and expertise

"We would recommend Denise to anyone buying or selling a home. She is really good at what she does. Obviously with her knowledge and expertise in the process made us feel comfortable. She treated us like family. We would recommend her to any family and friend that is looking for a professional and friendly realtor. Her support even after the sale was great. If I wanted to be a realtor, I'd want to learn from her."

- Harley M.

Excellent realtor

"Denise Gubler was an excellent realtor that we had the chance of working with. Her invaluable knowledge and expertise in the process as a whole was second to none. She went above and beyond throughout the whole process and made sure we understand everything. Which in turn made us very comfortable with working with her and never questioning anything. I would recommend her to any family and friend that is looking for a professional, personal, subject matter expert, and just friendly realtor."

- Satisfied Client

Hard work and dedication

"I would recommend Denise to anyone buying or selling a home. She is so good at what she does. We didn't think we could get what we wanted to for the house and she actually got us more. Thanks again Denise. Your hard work and dedication paid off and we appreciate it very much."

- Tamara L.

Professional, Personable, Experienced!!!

"In todays real-estate market having a knowledgeable realtor is essential. After renting in Las Vegas for 4 year we were ready to buy our next home but sckeptical about the process in a fast growing economy. Denise not only helped us carve out our needs from wants, she treated us like family. I remember her first words were "Im not selling you anything I wouldn't live in or can't resale for you later." With the lost of our first home due to our daughter medical needs, this was an emotional purchase. I felt desperate at times to just get "something" but she refused to let us settle. Her knowledge on location, profitability, community history and negotiation skills were very impressve. Denise found us the PERFECT home and within 3 months of our first meeting, I am typing this review in my new home. What a pleasure it was to work with Denise. She will forever be our realtor. The best 3 words to describe Denise would be: Professional, Personable, Experienced!!!"

- Satisfied Client

She was so patient

"Denise has been such a pleasure to work with. she was so patient with my husband when we were looking for a house to buy, and so loving when we just sold our home to move back to Seattle. only owing our home for 10 months, she took such care of us in such an emotional time. my husband worked nights, so she allowed us to set up the appointments for viewings as to not disturb my husband's sleep schedule. the new owners of our brand new home were wonderful and I wish Denise could get her realtor license in Washington, so we could continue to work with her. She is now family to us and will be forever."

- Tracie O.

I could not be happier

"Denise did an excellent job for me. She spent a lot of time researching our questions and showing us houses We were searching the outlying areas of Las Vegas for something affordable. Real estate in Las Vegas proper had become to expensive for us. That meant driving to Pahrump, Indian Springs and Sandy Valley. Which Denise cheerfully did. After searching for a little over a year Denise showed us the house in Sandy Valley which we decided on. It is a bit of a fixer upper, (needs new flooring and paint), but the two and a half acres is beautifully landscaped. With a little work it will be our paradise oasis in the desert. I could not be happier with the job Denise did for us."

- RG Bellow

We highly recommend Denise!

"Denise has been our real estate agent three times in since 2015. Denise is knowledgeable, understanding, honest, and extremely THOROUGH. On our most recent transaction, we relocated due to my job and I was very confident from previous experience that Denise would take care of everything and communicate throughout the process. She is no nonsense and has the clients best interest at hand... We highly recommend Denise!"

- Satisfied Client

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